Kelli Vrla, CSP, (Ver-lah: n Road Warrior for Employee Engagement & Full-Throttle Productivity in the Workplace; funny, entertaining, exciting, motivating, Greek).

If you’re searching high and low to find just the right speaker, someone who has over 30 years experience in the corporate trenches, someone who’s experienced rapid change on a daily basis, someone your people can relate to, someone who has learned how to adapt through hundreds of delayed flights and lost luggage, someone with a festive delivery of meaty content, someone who’ll inspire, delight and help your organization get more done and have more fun… then Kelli Vrla, CSP is who you want!

Kelli Vrla (Ver-lah), C S P, Texas based Employee Engagement Specialist, has enlightened and “entertrained” thousands in the
U.S. Europe, Asia and Central America with one of her dynamic programs. Kelli shares over 30 years of lessons and experience: Sixteen years as a broadcast sales executive in radio and another 16 years as CEO of her own people ENGAGEMENT firm.

Her in-the-trenches scope of learning comes from first-hand experiences in handling change, effective marketing, bottom-line communications, difficult and demanding people, and motivating the tough-to-motivate people. All of this prepared her for the variety of ways she now helps people stay less stressed and laser focused on full-throttle productivity.

Kelli has helped major corporations overcome the challenges and the chaos with her most-requested keynotes & workshops. She has done all of this with a festive delivery of relevant, memorable and ready-to-use-NOW skills.

As the kick-off morning show host, Kelli energized listeners on the nation’s first all-women talk radio showSince her radio days at ABC, Kelli has successfully consulted companies in helping their people enhance personal and professional development skills. She has helped them learn to OWN their jobs and get others to OWN theirs. She has helped them learn to handle CHANGE before it handles them. She has even helped them optimize difficult and undesirable daily challenges.

Harry Paul, Speaker & Author
Fish! Revved! Instant Turnaround!

Kelli is a delightful speaker who instantly connects with her audiences with humor, wit and information that is instantly applicable. The tools she shares will help you and your staff become more motivated, productive and innovative. She is the breath of fresh air needed in these tough and turbulent times. 

Linda DeAnda, American Cancer Society


Absolutely awesome!!

Kelli delivered an amazing seminar and had everyone in the audience captivated. Even our hard-core skeptics were laughing, participating, and enjoying themselves.

Kelli provided wonderful tools for all of us to use and the content was right on target. Everyone enjoyed her high energy, dynamic, and hilarious delivery style and we had so many of our staff tell us afterward that it was the best seminar they had ever attended!
I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a good dose of Kelli Vrla!

60th Annual NAIW Region VII Conference, Co-Chair Janice M Meyer, AIS API CPIW

This is just a note to let you know that your program on Stress Relief on was a complete success with NAIW Region VII at their 60th Annual Regional Conference in Leavenworth KS.

Needless to say you had a lot of great ideas for us to use when we got back to our “work places” and I can account for myself in saying, I have used more than one of them since then. All of the reports and e-mails and, yes, snail mail, from the ladies & “Jack” we all enjoyed it tremendously.

You kept us in stitches for a long time…YOU ARE A HOOT – as one lady who has never seen you but listened to one of the CD’s we purchased from you commented, I could hear her chuckling several desks away.

Sandy Day, Insurance Women of Topeka

I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your presentations at our NAIW Conference. I’ve been going for over ten years and cannot remember a speaker who meshed with the audience as you did.

For a powerful conference kick-off keynote; for a motivating, closing keynote; or for an action-focused breakout, CATCH Kelli NOW for IMPACT & EXCITEMENT at your NEXT EVENT!