Deidre Adams, Barbara Blackburn, Senior Project Managers
IBM Corporation

A perfect blend of humor and appreciation! You capped off an evening that made everyone feel important with your use of humor and stories.

Tom Sharp, AVP for Corporate Training and Organizational Development
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan

Keynote Charge to Graduates was On-The-Money! Your keynote presentation and personal challenge to the graduates helped make this a big success. You made us laugh but your personalization reminded both graduates and attendees of ‘staying focused on their goals and meeting customer expectations.’ Your presentation content was relevant and provided and excellent summary of the…

Lora Villarreal, Sr. VP Human Resources
ACS Corporation

Enlightened Keynote to our Women’s Summit! The time you that you took in preparation and facilitation of your presentation was reflected in the knowledge that each one of the attendees carried away with them…this year’s Women’s Summit was a huge success.

Dawn Fink, Director of Events
Kansas Association of Insurance Agents

Humor and Flexibility of CAN-DO Attitude! Humor in the Workplace’ was a huge hit with our attendees…a perfect blend of humor and advice about the importance of humor to our health and quality of life. Also, your flexibility in working with our time requirements was very much appreciated

Tracy Stenberg, Senior Facilitator
Em3 Corporation

Thank you for your participation in our 1st Annual Founder’s Advisory Meeting in Orlando…outstanding and hit the mark with all attendees. Having worked with you for a few years in many functions, I will continue to incorporate you as part of future meetings with Em3.

Lisa Norskog, VP of Human Resources
CMI Corporation

Thanks so much for the energizing program on Friday. It was the perfect complement to our employee recognition program. More than one employee sought me out after the program to tell me ‘Kelli was so funny, I had a great time!’ Thanks for the great tips on injecting humor into the workplace. The ideas you…

Carter Blood Care, Debbie Liles, Director
Corporate Education

Just a quick note to say that Kelli was so well received today. The feedback on her presentation style was off the charts. I received so many compliments and requests to bring her back. Isn’t that wonderful? Everyone had a great time. Thanks!

H & R Block-buster Presentation!, Ron Dennison
H & R Block

Our group felt more uplifted and more relaxed for the remainder of the meeting, sharing bits of your anecdotes of humor throughout the week.

Wisconsin, Workforce, Jean Rogers

Hi Kelli, Best I’ve seen in the years I’ve been in the business (which is more than I’m willing to say!) You are an exceptional talent! Thank you! Wisconsin Workforce attendee evaluation comments on Kelli Vrla. Very few speakers I have seen can capture and maintain audience attention as Kelli had done. Her messages were…

Dr. Eddie Pafford, President Hinman Society Meeting
Hinman Dental Society

Before the event): …I was told that your course is completely sold out for your lecture on Monday afternoon…our executive director told me that we have registered more people for this meeting than any we have ever had for a society meeting…What a great tribute to you and your topic. (After the event): I really…